Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tigers used Thanniyuttu - Mulliyavalai hospital in Army hands

Heroic 59 Division troops touching away from the north of Welioya and final in on the heart of Mullaittivu brought the Mulliyavalai-Thanniyuttu Government's District Hospital under their control by Monday (12) twilight, the Army head office affirmed.
The Hospital premises, as all the hallmarks proved, has been at distance end to end used by Tigers as one of their checkup centers to treat their distress fellow-cadres. Tigers have put up bunkers within the hospital combine and several medical rooms, appeared to have been used as their dormant rooms removing all gear from the inside.
Tigers have too used many metal beds in the hospital for building of their convey weapons bunkers and other guard points. Troops after a sustained 48 hour long battle with terrorists freed the hospital from LTTE grips as the day was coming to an end on Monday (12).
59 Division troops, now in full manage of the Hospital building and the near area, are consolidating their new positions.

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