Monday, January 12, 2009

Senior Army officer bids farewell to motherland

Hours previous to the 53 and 55 Division War Heroes finished the imprison of Elephant Pass on Friday (8), one of the devoted Senior Officers of the Sri Lanka Army, Colonel Nalinda Kumarasinghe, paid the highest give up owing to bang of a chain of LTTE come together bombs which have been banned in the warfare under UN conventions.
This War Hero, Colonel Nalinda Kumarasinghe (as posthumously promoted), the older most armed officer to lay his life in the Wanni humanitarian operation, succumbed to injuries sustained in the bang of those come together bombs at Pulopallai area.
Kumarasinghe Hettiarachchilage Ajith Nalinda Kumarasinhge who was usual in Rathnapura on 20th July 1967 finished his teaching at Rathnapura Seevali Central College. Inspired by feelings of escapade and authenticity, young Kumarasinghe with blessings from his much-loved parents connected the Sri Lanka Army on 20th July 1987.
Having finished his Officer trainee training at the Sri Lanka Military school Diyatalawa, he conventional his charge in the rank of Second alternate and was expressively concerned to the 5th Battalion of the Gemunu Watch (5 GW) as a Platoon Commander.
devotion and commitment to the mend brought him owing promotions. He was promoted to the rank of replacement on 23rd December 1990, Captain on 23rd December 1992, Major on 23rd December 2001 and Lieutenant Colonel on 26th July 2007.
During his perfect career spanning over two decades, Colonel KUMARASINGHE has rendered his service as a Platoon Commander, Officer Commanding, cleverness Officer and Adjutant. At the time of his untimely death, Colonel Kumarasinghe was strong the 5 GW under the Air Mobile Brigade, Jaffna.
This brilliant older officer was chosen as an Officer Commanding in the primary GW needy sent for service in Haiti for UN Peace Keeping missions.
Young Officers' Course in Bangladesh and Junior Commanders' Course in Pakistan were among the foreign courses in addition to a number of local advanced military and educational courses he followed.
He took place in many military operations such as Balawegaya 1, Balawegaya 11, Riviresa, Hideout, Thrividha Balaya, Akunu Pahara, Gajasinghe and Bhumikampa conducted next to the LTTE. Due to his valour exposed in the battle field, he was conferred with gallantry awards of Rana Wickrema Padakkama (RWP) and Rana Sura Padakkama (RSP). Purna Bhumi, North and East Operations, Riviresa Campaign Service, 50th Independence Anniversary Commemoration, Sri Lanka Army 50th Anniversary, Sri Lanka Armed Services Long Service and Peace Keeping Operation are in the middle of the other beautification medals he earned for his service rendered to the Army.
He foliage his wife Nilmi Kumari Kumarasinghe and 10 year old son Nadil Nethkal Kumarasinghe behind.
His funeral will take place at Ballapana general cemetery on 11th January with full military honours.
The name of Colonel Kumarasinghe Hettiarachchilage Ajith Nalinda Kumarasinhge will adorn the golden pages of modern Sri Lankan history for his bravery, valour and highest give up made to defend the dominion of the motherland.
May he reach supreme bliss of nibbana.!

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