Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mass exodus expected from Wanni

The administration yesterday (Jan 12) reiterated that it was fully ready to grip the accumulation exodus of civilians from Wanni, and Vavuniya was being readied as a caring help hub to provide to their needs.
"preparations are happening to give release for those awaiting from uncleared areas looking for shelter and safety," relocation and Disaster Relief Services Minister Rishard Bathuideeen said.
According to Ministry sources, 1,168 persons have sought secure haven with organization and they have been housed in Menik farm and Nelumkulama happiness center in Vavuniya.
establishment have too taken steps to clear an 80 acre ground in Vavuniya to build temporary shelters.
The displaced have been provided with cooked meals, dry food, eating water, health and hygienic facilities. Electricity, cookery gear, clothes, baby food are also being provided, they added.
Ministry Secretary A. C. M. Razik said yesterday that the Government had by now owed Rs.30 million as an initial sum to speed up release events through the Government manager in Vavuniya.
During the past two days, over 200 displaced people have sought safe haven with the carrying weapons at various destinations in the northern front and according to reports many others are on the way in spite of Tiger threats to deny them safe passage.
However, there were information of LTTE intimidation as they very much tried to keep civilians from fleeing the uncleared areas even going to the extent of gunfire those who defied their orders, as demonstrated in the murder of seven civilians on Saturday.
But with military laying siege on the final LTTE frontier, authorities said they expect a mass mass departure in the coming weeks.
They said that a safe way had been ready for the civilians fleeing Tigers to reach your destination at Vavuniya.
According to self-governing verifications, the number of displaced who are being by force kept in Vanni by the LTTE is between 150,000 to 250,000.

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