Friday, January 9, 2009

LTTE's most fortified Northern garrison at EPS falls

"Elephant Pass, the gateway to the Jaffna peninsula is now under the total control of security forces", news reports from the battlefront read. "Troops have also gained total control over the 325km long A-9, Jaffna- Kandy trunk road, after 23 years", military sources further said.
The end-game of LTTE's long-drawn-out separatist cause is attainment its final stages, as the advancing SL security forces overran the most carrying weapons LTTE Northern barracks at EPS today (Jan 9), which was officially avowed by the C-in-C President Mahinda Rajapaksa, a short while ago.
In the countenance of intense armour, artillery, infantry and automatic infantry assaults led by close support SLAF raids, LTTE terrorists' pulled off from the barracks rural community with soaring wounded and loses, towards Mulliyan, further East military sources at the battlefront said. According to battlefield reports, the 53 and 55 offensive Divisions from North have connected up with the 58 Division, flushing the last LTTE resistance at EPS during a heavy multi-frontal attack launched since yesterday.
The fall of EPS has disadvantaged LTTE, the most vital strategic earth, at the 'Jaffna gateway', following an eight year odd job, which linked the Wanni mainland with the Jaffna peninsula. With the fall of EPS, troops are now balanced at initiation a important blow at the residual LTTE strongpoints at Mulliyan, Chempiyanpattuwa, Chundikulama and Kaddaikadu, defence observers state.
Fierce hostility was fought as LTTE terrorists made frantic attempts to stall the military surge following its embarrassing defeat at Kilinochchi (02 Jan, 2009). The take-over of Elephant Pass (EPS) LTTE multifaceted, signified a major victory of the security forces, who are approaching LTTE towards its death.
EPS was previous occupied by the Dutch during the regal rule in the island, who had built a fort in 1760, identifying its strategic worth in maintaining vital military cum logistic supply with the Jaffna mainland. This fort was later occupied by the British during its regal violence in the island who built a hut which was turned a rest house following self-government.
In 1958, late Prime Minister SWRD Bandaranayake, identifying the fort's planned value maintained a small military aloofness which was later turned to a enduring Army change base following the 1983 July, turbulence in the island. The surge of disaster in Jaffna compulsory the military to shift its turnout from Jaffna to the more distant, EPS.
In 1990, EPS was developed into a major military base multifaceted and on 10th July, 1991, LTTE made its fist ever major scale attack at EPS. The LTTE's fighting formations were beaten off after security forces launched its most winning amphibious process, 'Balavegaya -1' on 14th July. The troops led by Lt. General Denzil Kobbekaduwa and Major General Vijaya Wimalarathne landed at the Vettilaikerni beach head attractive LTTE in the most fierce fight fought in the decade. According to defence observers, the achievement of the movement was triggered due to the diversion assault 'Asaka Sena', which was beneath taken by the Commandos and Special Forces (SF). In 1998, LTTE terrorists made one more attempt to swarming the base which left LTTE behind and moving back its weaponry batteries further southeast.

Feeder canals that carry salt water from the Jaffna lagoon to salt tanks.
EPS was careful the 'jargon of the present conflict' and was most talked concerning since SLA's tactical removal from the base complex on 22nd April, 2000.
Elephant Pass and Kurinchattiv are the main salterns in the island with a joint area of 100 acres, which shaped more than 85,000 metric plenty of salt per year, before the area was engulfed in the sour antagonism for decades, defence observers said, language to The shallow waters through which elephants were once used to take goods into the Jaffna peninsula from South has given it the name EPS, the sources said citing historical information.
Stunned LTTE proxies and mouth pieces are maintaining noisy quiet over the twin tragedy at North: loss of EPS and A-9 trunk road. Meanwhile, following observers state that the time is right for the LTTE to give-up arms and give in without further exhausted the Tamil youth towards tragedy.
telling, the LTTE's debacle at EPS "worst still beat after Kilinochchi", defence observers said, "It is obvious that we as a state is lastly seeing a precise end to this three decade long-drawn-out terrorist cause, and the triumph of a unitary nation beneath a capable management, which is to make the past of life form the first ever, to defeat terrorism amidst all odds".

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