Monday, January 5, 2009

LTTE Terrorists destroy vital public resources - Kilinochchi

LTTE Terrorists had shattered the water tank that full water to whole Kilinochchi area on 31st of December previous to they fled their slef claimed managerial capital .Water being one of the essential human needs of civilians chiefly in the dry zone areas the the LTTE has once once more established its callous ignore for the needs of the Tamil civilians .
Unlike in the other parts of the Island drinking water is an elite product in Kilinochchi area. Therefore, thousands of people in Kilinochchi were full with water from side to side this water tank for their day today activities. But when troops higher into the town the terrorists gutless resorted to destroy vital communications built by the government of Sri Lanka with public cash.
According to the sensible Tamil intellectuals the LTTE has always displayed its weakness when weakened by irritating Tamil civilians for not supporting them . Even in a war ,there are some norms that the belligerents supposed to obey. Among them , not denying basic human need such as water is highly appreciated . The obliteration of the Water Tank that provided water for thousands of civilians proves not anything but the barbaric natural world of a terrorist group and the need to get rid of terrorism.

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