Friday, January 2, 2009

Kilinochchi liberated- Countdown to extinction begins for LTTE

The 57 Division and the Task Force 1 of Sri Lanka Army today (Jan 2) scored the greatest conquest in their dignified battle against terrorism by therapeutic the Kilinochchi town, the so-called managerial hub of the LTTE terrorists.
Troops of 57 Division guide by Major General Jagath Dias have entered into the extremely secluded terrorists strong hold from the South and Southwestern limits while the Task Force 1 troops lead by Brigadier Shavendra Silva have marched in from the North and Northwest.
Kilinochchi, though not very strategically situated in terms of military military exercises, has been given a huge symbolic significance by the LTTE terrorists as their administrative "capital". In fact, the LTTE propaganda rudiments used to name the town as their de facto assets of the utopian state of "Eelam". However , Sri Lanka administration has been running all civil administrative relationships in the area, counting bank and finance, teaching, health, deal and wellbeing .
The terrorist first took hold of the town in 1990 when the Army withdrew its garrisons from Kilinochchi. Then the area was liberated by the Army throughout operations Sathjaya I, II, and III in September 1996. The town again fell into the terrorists' hand in September 1998 and had their administrative center there ever since.
The LTTE is a cruel terrorists outfit that has been engaged in a gory terrorist movement against the citizens of Sri Lanka since 1983. Lead by a psychopathic chief , the group has been trying to set up an ethnically pure Tamil state on the Sri Lankan soil. The LTTE is too the first terrorist group to use suicide bombers, and to expand naval and aerial hostility ability. The outfit is listed in the UN list of shame for using child soldiers and barred in many countries in the world.

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