Saturday, January 10, 2009

'The greatest impediment for Tamils is the LTTE' says Ramaswamy

Cho Ramasway, India's most important and well-liked columnist, script in the Economic Times said the quarrel that the only group that might get the Tamils to get their human human rights is wrong and in fact they are the main obstruction to obtain the Tamil rights.
He said in the head published in the financial Times, "Physically, the LTTE has eliminated all Tamil management because they are a totalitarian outfit which cannot stand any other best. Thus, they killed hundreds of moderates and other leaders from among the Tamils. Then, civilians have been used by the Tigers as a instrument against the SLA."
He predicted that with the fall down of the LTTE, other following forces among the Tamils that exist within Sri Lanka will come out.
Cho Ramaswamy further sharp out, the LTTE "also do extortion on a huge scale at home and abroad and have recruited fighters by force and force, even kids, to dish up in the front-line in armed operations. Such a force could never have enabled Tamil rights. And it is a legend that exists in India and Tamil Nadu that if the LTTE is wiped out then there's no one left. In fact, such thoughts is what the LTTE required to bring about."
With a beat, Cho Ramaswamy said, the LTTE can't be a following force, but will become a terrorist force, one which can't purpose as a military outfit anymore but reverts to suicide bombings and whatever. And that strength be a difficulty Sri Lanka has to live with for some time.
Cho Ramaswamy said in Tamil Nadu, even with all the hue and cry that India should get in the way, this is barely an election or following issue. All parties will make noises, and use the issue just as a talking tip, but not as a political subject. There strength be fringe rudiments, but no extra Lastly, with the disabling of the LTTE there will come out the other political forces that live within the Sri Lankan Tamils.

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