Thursday, January 1, 2009

57 Div liberates Iranamdu junction: LTTE flee with heavy casualties

Troops of the 57 Division have eccentric the Iranamadu junction this morning (Jan 01) after weeks of fierce battles ensued with LTTE at the Kilinochchi battlefront, Wanni military sources said.
LTTE terrorists put-on stiff argument at the advancing military formations from this very important ground, which is also careful a strategically important terror stronghold along the A-9 trunk road, 6km South of Kilinochchi. Troops of the 574 group ran into the residual LTTE positions, backed by intense armour, artillery and mortar fire from the rear hold up flanks. SLAF jets and helicopter gunships provided close air support to the advancing infantry battalions during a string of flight missions conducted, since first fighting that broke out between troops and LTTE in the area.
The fall of Iranamadu scores successive battle defeats to LTTE at the Kilinochchi battlefront, followed by the loss of Paranthan early on Thursday(01) morning. According to newest battlefield reports received, troops are now making further advances eastward of the Iranamadu connection while consolidating positions in the area, security sources said.
LTTE's defeat at its main barracks township at Kilinochchi is predictable with troops advance on three fronts continue to cripple the last LTTE defenses in the area, safety sources said.
More information will follow.

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