Sunday, January 18, 2009

21 more civilians flee LTTE hell hole, seek protection with security forces- Wanni

21 more civilians have fled from LTTE and required defense with safety forces at Omanthai and Puliyampokkarani areas, Saturday (Jan 17), according to Wanni security sources.
A family of ten people, counting 5 females has at home at the Entry/Exit point at Omanthai who had escaped from LTTE. According to our correspondent at Omanthai, the civilians have braved the thick jungles of Mullaittivu, for days avoidance possible LTTE attacks. "When these people reached Omanthai, many were pain from dehydration; no food for approximately two days", our reporter said citing the escapees.
"These people have fled from LTTE after experiencing bitter hardships and terror of their lives. LTTE had in danger to carry out them for any effort to flee from the non-unconventional area but the stage of the multi-frontal military surge has left terrorists in total confusion, who themselves are fleeing towards more remote areas at Mullaittivu", our sources said. The civilians were heading for to the IDP welfare centre at Nelukkulama, Vavuniya. Meanwhile, another civilian with firing injuries had at home at the Entry/Exit point yesterday afternoon. The civilian was right away directed to the General Hospital at Vavuniya for treatment, by the safety forces. "The civilian a male, had been fired by LTTE terrorists, while fleeing across the Mullaittivu jungle. pain minor firing wounds he had managed to flee towards Vavuniya", our reporter said.
Also, one more group of 10 civilians, counting 6 males and 4 females from universal area Puliyampokkaravani, in Kilinochchci District have required defense with the 58 Division troops yesterday. The civilians were heading for to the IDP welfare middle now recognized in Kilinochchi, area safety sources said.

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