Saturday, January 17, 2009

Indo-Lanka relations reaching zenith

India's family members with Sri Lanka have reached "an unparalleled level of deepness and excellence today", said Indian overseas Secretary Shivshankar Menon at his gathering with Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama yesterday, throughout his two-day visit to the island.
The Foreign Secretary experiential that it is throughout hard times that the true excellence of a companionship becomes most obvious, and that the Indo-Lanka association is one such companionship that has efficiently withstood the test of time and hardship.
Minister Bogollagama welcomed Menon to Sri Lanka, and indicated that this visit is a mirror image of India's unwavering friendship with Sri Lanka as well as the adulthood of the Indo-Lanka association.
The Minister comprehensive the appreciation of the Sri Lankan Government for the continued understanding of India on issues of mutual concern.
Reiterating that the Sri Lankan Government perceives the Indo-Lanka agreement as the key to looking for a following answer to the disagreement, the Minister experiential that the there point in time offers a casement of possibility to implement the agreement, given the important victories gained by the Government in hostility LTTE terror on all fronts.
He experiential that the government is in the process of exploring several avenues of implementing the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.
The Minister tinted the Government's genuine commitment to embryonic a broad-based and an comprehensive peace procedure in order to attain a durable peace, satisfactory to all communities.
Foreign Secretary Menon spoken his approval of the sentiments spoken by Minister Bogollagama on the Indo-Lanka harmony and the 13th alteration to the establishment.
Minister Bogollagama and Secretary Menon agreed that a instant of following chance has been made obtainable to Sri Lanka today to transport about an comprehensive calm process with believable political symbol by the Tamil people within the country's self-governing procedure.
Bogollagama thanked the Indian government for the caring assistance extended throughout this period to further augment the steps being taken by the Sri Lankan Government to make certain the welfare of civilians in northern Sri Lanka. He welcomed continued caring help by India to the exaggerated people.
Secretary Menon comprehensive his approval of the practical role played by Sri Lanka both multilaterally and in the local context in hostility terrorism, and comprehensive the plentiful support of the Indian government in this work out.
Menon briefed Minister Bogollagama on the present status of the study on the Mumbai terror attacks and indicated that India would carry on to work intimately with Pakistan to bring the perpetrators of this monstrous crime to fairness.
He emphasised that concentrated and collective international act is needed in combating the bane of trans-national terror.
Minister Bogollagama, indicated that as a country that has itself been the injured party of terror which had proliferated with global links and support, Sri Lanka is well located to appreciate the seriousness of the threat of trans-national terrorism.
He reiterated Sri Lanka's hold up in combating terror at every level to safe a sustainable peace within the area.
The Minister also reiterated Sri Lanka's attention in cooperating with India on marine safety in the Indian Ocean, both bilaterally and within the framework of regiona lgroupings such as BIMSTEC.
Minister Bogollagama expressed the Sri Lankan Government's approval at the add to in two-sided trade within the structure of the Indo-Lanka Free Trade accord, and expressed the government's wish to work closely with India in improvement the two-sided FTA to a complete Economic company Agreement in the predictable future. The deliberations also referred to the need to address Sri Lanka's widening trade shortfall with India in a significant manner.
The two sides discussed the Indo-Lanka combined charge which last met in 2005, and agreed to look at the option of convening the forthcoming sitting of the Joint Commission after May 2009. It was decided to convene the sub-committees of the Joint charge in the temporary.
On the delimitation of the outer rim of the Indo-Lanka continental edge, the two sides decided to further talk about assistant legal issues, and work intimately in resolving exceptional issues, in a way reflective of the close companionship existing between the two countries.
The two sides discussed the development within SAARC, counting issues about the rank Committee and the Council of Ministers sessions due to take put in Colombo.
The Minister experiential that he looks forward to a winning outcome at the SAARC committee of Ministers gathering that would bring on plank many issues that anxiety the area. Secretary Menon pledged the fullest hold up of the Indian government to SAARC and experiential that it looked forward to live a constructive role in the approaching Council of Ministers Meeting.
Minister Bogollagama expressed his appreciation of the role played by the Indian government in releasing Sri Lankan fishermen captured in the Indian waters, and for providing them with safe passage.

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