Thursday, January 1, 2009

Unite and work together for greater victories - President

President and Commander-in-Chief, Mahinda Rajapaksa in a New Year message this morning (Jan 01), to the nation called winning the people to "act with unity to change the victories so far achieved to those even better, and work together for better victories of that wait for us in the future".
Following is the full text of the President's New year message.
"We have great self-assurance that the strong-minded path we have traversed so far will consequence in a sustainable peace to our country and people. I am aware this will bring huge joy to all of you who have watched with great patience as we proceeded in the look for for calm with fairness and self-respect to all."

"It is my firm faith that when our state crosses the doorsill to conquest it is the blame of us all to be united in conservation the prospect of our country.

"My Government that has in use the condition on the right path to enlargement, while opposite many challenges, has also in use the necessary steps to bring wealth to the survival of our people.

"We have bestowed the honour of the nation on our brave and heroic troops busy in the task of saving the country from terrorism by declaring 2009 as the "Year of Heroic Victory". On this occasion we invite all, irrespective of following party, colour or association to set aside the divisive feelings of opposition, and act with agreement to change the victories so far achieved to those even improved, and work together for the bigger victories of that await us in the future."

"When the state stands joint all conspiracies next to the country are beaten. It is our make your mind up to strengthen the determination and commitment of our people towards creation this New Year the truthfully winning year of the nation."

"I wish you all every achievement in the New Year!"

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