Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Troops overrun LTTE's 2nd line of defence at Muhamalai: Scores killed in fighting- Jaffna

Troops have swarming the highly fortified LTTE's next line of defence at Muhamalai, throughout a swift raid made, gaining 500m odd ground country from LTTE today (Jan 6) morning.
LTTE terrorists were wedged in total confusion following intense armour and infantry assaults backed by heavy weaponry attacks which left, score of terrorists killed and many others injured, Jaffna safety sources said.
According to armed sources, the combined 53 and 55 Division troops have seized manage over the entire LTTE defence line, North of A-9, while hostility still continues in the residual LTTE positions, south of the A-9 main road.
Terrorists have reserved further southeast after receiving heavy thrashing, the sources further said.
More in order will go behind.

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