Thursday, January 8, 2009

Troops move towards Pallai; LTTE key area command centers overrun

Troops of 53 and 55 Divisions who have gained total manage over the LTTE onward defence line in Muhamalai last Tuesday (6 Jan) have accelerated the offensive further southwards for capturing remaining deliberately vital LTTE bases on their task to revive the A-9 main road.
Troops have moved southwards under heavy LTTE confrontation now in service about 1Km distance to Pallai town center situated 5.5 km south of Muhamalai by last evening, (7 Jan), the newest military sources said.
As troops overrun the LTTE's forward defence line (2nd line) on Tuesday, LTTE terrorists have vacated their third line established in general area Pallai. Due to the effectual military thrust supported by heavy weaponry barrages and close air hold up missions, terrorists unable to hold their defences and had withdrawn further southwards, military sources said.
Several key LTTE area authority centers and administrative centers were swarming and brought under security forces control by last evening. Sierra Two (s-2), Echo 9 (E-9), G-7, G-2, G-0, "Solai" recognized as convey base, "Bava" recognized as garage, and Bravo 9 are the bases which have been completely overrun by the troops.
A large hoard of weapons and LTTE arms, kept hidden and sealed in real-made underground hideouts were also found by the troops on advances, army sources said.
Electronic Warfare sources said that lively arguments had been exchanged via LTTE communication channels as LTTE earth commanders asking for vehicles to get down their remaining military items in their rapid removal.

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