Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pro-LTTE elements predict imminent fall of elephant pass and Mullaittivu

Pro-Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) websites and their substitute politicians have candidly spoken fears that they would lose Elephant Pass right away and their main seaport Mullaittivu and other seats of control finally.
Shivaji Lingam, associate of the 22 parliamentarians strong Tamil National coalition (TNA), the substitute party of the LTTE, from Chennai said, "And even if the LTTE were to lose Mullaittivu also, then too they will carry on their move violently."
The pro- Tamil website, fake News said, "The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have begun moving back from well-established positions in the planned Elephant Pass region. The narrow Isthmus that links the Jaffna peninsula to the Northern mainland recognized as Wanni by land is frequently described as the "gateway to Jaffna".
Preparations are also happening to vacate tiger positions in other key seats in Eastern Wanni like Mullaittivu, Oddusuddan ,Muhamalai, Kilaly and Vatraappalai.
Apparently military are now about 2 km to the south of Elephant Pass and are close to Kurinchatheevu neighboring to Elephant Pass. Realising that Elephant Pass is not defensible the LTTE have begun vacating the area, the sources speak.
Battlefield information say that the Sri Lanka Army military are about two kilometers South of Elephant Pass. According to LTTE sources realizing the Elephant Pass is no longer justifiable the terrorists are slowly vacating the place. It is not clear whether they would put up some confrontation or simply leave the area, the sources supposed.
The terrorists evasion from Elephant Pass, Mullaittivu, Oddusudan and Vatraappalai are predictable to hide in a lot entrenched carrying weapons bunkers in the jungles of Mullaittivu balanced for hit and run terrorist attacks both against the civilians and the government security armed forces.
Addressing the state Army Commander Sarath Fonseka said after the fall of Kilinochchi, "We are sure that we can see the end of them withing this year. We don't need still a year to see their end." He said the area the LTTE management and cadres are beating is like the land of Thoppigala in the Eastern area, which the safety forces overran.
Analysts have said there is an predictable number of 1700 to 1900 LTTE cadres remaining alive to do what kind of warfare they take on.
Even if they take on hit and run attacks on the civilians and security workers in the future it would be not anything very much dissimilar from what they skillful jointly with conventional fighting. The United national Party has accused the government of approaching them to what they call guerilla warfare. But other sources say the government did not shove them to no matter which but to their eventual end.

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