Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Northern Tamil Civilians fleeing from LTTE Clutches seek Navy Protection at Pulmudai

Thirty-one (31) Tamil civilians including nine (09) children required the defense of the Navy at Pulmudai on the 06th of January 2009 around 08.30 a.m. The civilians, consisting of eleven (11) adult males, eleven (11) adult females and nine (09) children, had fled from the LTTE clutches on board a thread glass ship (FGD) built-in with a 15 horse power out board motor (OBM). The group, who were stricken with the fear of being held captive by the LTTE terrorists that were constantly on the look-out for having human shields of whatever forms obtainable to save themselves from the advancing Government Security Forces, bore the signs of fatigue and great discomfiture due to the ordeal of their daring escapade. They spoken their heart-felt thanks to the naval workers for the warm hospitality comprehensive and for the stipulation of the basic needs for their instant well-being.
Sri Lanka Navy has made particular arrangements to receive hapless Tamil civilians fleeing from the LTTE clutches. Naval personnel and vessels along with stand-by save and medical teams are on special deployment for this caring assistance assignment in the North-eastern seas.

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