Friday, January 16, 2009 - No.1 news portal in Sri Lanka

The Ministry of Defence official web doorway has turn out to be Sri Lanka 's most viewed web site, with an standard daily hit rate of over 8.8 million, arithmetical data obtained over the past few months point to.
According to latest therapy, the website has also turn out to be the most well-liked Sri Lankan news website at there. With the Sri Lankan carrying weapons forces achieving their significant victory at Kilinochchi on 2 January 2009, the website received 13 million hits inside a few hours, the uppermost number of hits ever conventional by a nearby hosted website.
As one more idea of Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the website was launched in April 2006 to give precise and up to date news and views connected to national defence matters. The assignment given to the leader board was to hold up the in general vision of the national management fro the country's defence - to free the place of birth from terrorism and to make it a put where the next age group can live without terror.
distribution that dignified vision, the website has been hostility an ideological battle with the anti Sri Lankan armed forces that are hell-bent to destroy the place of birth during past 3 decades. Keeping to its slogan - The Truth is the Best misinformation, the website has been doing its best to beat false misinformation perpetrated by anti Sri Lankan forces and also to public meeting local and international hold up to the noble vision of the national management.
The website expresses its thanks to all our viewers and the others who helped us in many ways to come so far in the cyberspace. Also, we request all of you be with us in this last countdown to the "assignment talented".

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