Thursday, January 15, 2009

Abans Ltd, MAS Aqua and Alauwa Sports club make donations for war heroes

Abans Ltd, the Engineering section of MAS Line Aqua pvt Ltd and the Vaniwallakaduwa 'Samanala' Sport Society of Alauwa made donations for war heroes with the Seva Vanitha Unit of the Ministry of Defence, on Monday (Jan 15).
The donations were conventional by the president of the SVU, Mrs. Ioma Rajapaksa at the MOD main hall, today.
Abans Ltd donated a television and three DVD players to the 'Sunatha' transportation armed site in Anuradhapura. MAS Line Aqua pvt Ltd donated hand clutches worth Rs. 40,000. Further more Vaniwallakaduwa 'Samanala' Sport Society of Alauwa, donated hand clutches worth Rs. 50,000 to disabled soldiers.
Vice President the MOD Seva Vanitha Unit, Mrs. Indu Rathnayaka the length of with the SVU legislative body and members of Abans LTD, MAS Line Aqua and the Vaniwallakaduwa Samanala Sport Society were there at the

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