Sunday, October 19, 2008

Urge LTTE to free Tamil civilians - TULF leader tells TN

The Tamil United Liberation Front has appealed to governing officials in the Tamil Nadu (TN) to exert pressure on the LTTE to set free those Tamil civilians attentive in Kilinochchi so that they may go anywhere they want to.
The moment the LTTE opens its iron gate the displaced persons will move out in no time and get back to their respective homes, the leader of TULF V.Anandasangaree has said in a letter addressed to Tamil Nadu, titled Appeal to the leaders of Political Parties and the People of Tamil Nadu.
The TULF President has said that if Tamil Nadu has any sympathy for the Tamil people who are suffering under the subjugation of the LTTE, it has a moral compulsion to win them (the Tamil public) the essential right of being able to choose the place they wish to live.
In this war situation people who are living with fear and tension in Killinochchi should be rescued by Tamil Nadu by pressurizing the LTTE, forceful them to set the Tamil public trapped in their areas free , the letter said. .
The time has come for the leaders in Tamil Nadu to forget their differences and come together to help release the Tamils who have lost their rights, properties and self respect. The immediate job should be to save the innocent people who have been attentive in Killinochchi with no freedom to move out, the letter said.
It read: For more than district of a century the LTTE had taken Tamil people for a ride. The Tamils require liberation only from the LTTE. The government had already liberated large areas from the LTTE , the East in filled and in the North well over 75 percent. Now only a small area is left.
It is here all the displaced persons from Mannar Mullaitivu, Killinochchi and Vavuniya are ambitious into. The LTTE had brought them here under force for their own protection. They are now using them as a human shield.
Sangaree has said in his correspondence that he was shocked at the terminology used to describe the situation in Sri Lanka. The charge of the LTTE that the Government of Sri Lanka is engaged in genocide is a big farce, the letter said.
More than 50 percent of the Tamil people now live among the Sinhalese and Muslims. Most of them had fled from LTTE controlled areas. LTTE's frequent attempts to incite a backlash in the Sinhalese areas had failed.
All their claymore mine attacks in the Sinhalese areas, targeting repair personnel and civilians are done to flash off communal riots. Hardly one such incident takes place without taking a few civilian lives. There has not been any attempt as such to exterminate anyone deliberately or otherwise. A few deaths had taken place in the war zone but this cannot in anyway be classified as Genocide.
The dispute in the country is not between any ethnic groups. It relates only to the rights and privileges one is free to and can be sorted out at the negotiating table. If the LTTE gives up its demand for division and agree to lay down their arms we will help them to play an important role in negotiations.
Everyone in India, in Sri Lanka and even in many parts of the world, know fully well that creation of a separate state of Eelam is an impossible task. The Indian government is vehemently opposed to it and so is the International community.
The only option available is to agitate for a federal answer with the only one alternative of adopting the Indian model to enable the various regions in Sri Lanka to take pleasure in powers equivalent to those presently enjoyed by various states in India including Tamil Nadu. We be grateful for the bold stand taken by Dr. Selvi Jeyalalitha Jeyaram in dealing with the LTTE as a terrorist Organization and also for pledging full support in all other matters that could alleviate the there plight of the Sri Lankan Tamils.
It is my frank opinion that some leaders and many people in Tamil Nadu had been misled over a period of more than a few years, by exaggerated, false and fabricated stories spread at random by some interested parties, to boost the LTTE.
But there are very eminent leaders in Tamil Nadu who can advocate a reasonable and acceptable answer for the ethnic problem within a United Sri Lanka. Unfortunately these sources had not been properly tapped due to the LTTE's unyielding stand and steady demand for separation.
I appealed to various establishment such as the Secretary General of the United Nations, Heads of various States, Heads of Diplomatic Missions, Heads of various Religions and such others to intervene and help to liberate the Tamil People, whom the LTTE was keeping under their defeat for many years in areas under their control.
These people hardly enjoyed any democratic or fundamental rights. Their human rights had been dishonored beyond ones mind's eye. The recruitments to their cadre under force went on unabated. They did not extra even elders from under-going some sort of training.
Of the people abducted the whereabouts of many are not known. They have anguish camps and dark -room chambers with methods of torture unheard of in any civilised society.
The outside world does not know what is happening in the LTTE held areas, usually known as an Iron Curtain area. I hope the TNA members of Parliament who are now in Tamil Nadu, taking part in demonstrations and Sathyagrahas will confirm this accusation of mine and also endorse my insist that the Tamil People under the defeat of the LTTE should be liberated from them.
Inciting speeches in Tamil Nadu by the Sri Lankan Members of Parliament of the Tamil National Alliance should be discouraged. Allowing it will cause great discomfiture to the Sri Lankan Tamils more than half of whom live in harmony in the South with the Sinhalese and the Muslims.
The TNA members of Parliament who were elected fraudulently with the fire power of the LTTE, only act as proxies of the LTTE and not as elected representatives of Tamil people.
The Number of Tamil politicians academics principals of schools business people ex-members of other groups killed by the LTTE amount to several thousands. As a comparison not a single person under this category had been killed during this long period of conflict by any Sinhalese.
Black July 1983 incident is perhaps the last shared riots the country faced. For that too the LTTE was partly responsible by causing the death of 13 Sinhalese soldiers. Even in this incident it was the hoodlums who were involved in murders and arson. The Sinhalese civilians were accountable for saving hundreds of thousands of Tamils who lived among them.
The Tamils in Sri Lanka remember with gratitude the enormous services rendered for the Tamil cause by people like the late Indira Gandhi, the late Rajiv Gandhi and such others. We are also thankful to two great leaders of Tamil Nadu the late Dr. M.G.Ramachandran and Dr. Kalignar Karunanidhi.
We also be grateful for the bold stand taken by Dr. Selvi Jeyalalitha Jeyaram in commerce with the LTTE as a terrorist Organisation and also for pledging full support in all other matters that could ease the there plight of the Sri Lankan Tamils."

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you idiot. tamil naadu people are fighting for tamil peoples. singalise army killing tamil peoples. its a shame on Srilankan goverment. Srilanka blong to Tamil peoples, singalise came after tamil. read the history