Friday, October 31, 2008

Australian Senate condemns Anuradhapura suicide bomb attack

The Upper House of the Australian Parliament, the Senate has approved a decree dangerous the LTTE suicide bomb physical attack in Anuradhapura on 06th October, in which 28 people were killed, counting the preceding Sri Lankan High tuofficial to Australia, retired Major General Janaka Perera and his wife.
The President of the Senate, Senator John Hogg has in a letter old-fashioned 20th October, transmitted the book of the Resolution to the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Australia, Senaka Walgampaya PC, which inter alia states as follows:
• (a) condemns the terrorist physical attack in the north of Sri Lanka on 6 October 2008, which killed 28 people and upset more than 80 people;
• (b) notes and expresses its sorrow at the assassination in this physical assault of the previous Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Australia, retired Major General Janaka Perera and his wife;
• (c) notes the important contribution that Major General Perera complete as Sri Lanka's High Commissioner to Australia;
• (d) expresses its condolences to retired Major General Perera's four children, three of whom live in Australia;
• (e) condemns all acts of terrorism and the use of child soldiers in the disagreement.
Steve Hutchins, Senator for New South Wales and Chair of the Australia-Sri Lanka Parliamentary Friendship Group available the notice of motion on 13th October which was determined to by the Senate on 16th October. The Senate Resolution obviously reflects the deep have an aversion to of the Australian government to the atrocious acts of terrorism committed by the LTTE in Sri Lanka.

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