Thursday, October 23, 2008

LTTE should immediately put down their arms says Lord Naseby

Lord Naseby at the Photo exhibition depicting LTTE atrocities; He is seen with Sri Lanka High Commissioner in London, Nihal Jayasinghe (Photo by: Sudath Silva)
Lord Naseby, older member of the House of Lords said in London today(Oct 22) that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) should right away lay down weapons and make talks with the management without causing additional carnage.
He made this statement to this reporter after visiting a photo show set by the Sri Lankans Against Terrorism with the help of the Presidential Media part and the Sri Lanka High blame in London.
He said, "My message to them is there is not no substance which to fight; looking for calm is the the bulk wanted obsession for all the people inside Sri Lanka at the instant.. So, lay down your arms and go to peace talks with the Sri Lanka organization."
He said he was content and scared about the photo demonstrate and wanted to state thanks the London High official, Nihal Jayasinghe of Sri Lanka for putting jointly an show of "true photos" and he hoped and wished the British public would visit it and have a true picture of what is occurrence in this country as a consequence of terrorism.
He said exhibitions of this usual world would help erase the wrong picture created in the minds of some people that it was the Tamils who were being harassed when in ordinary sense it is the other way about. The information is everybody opposing to the LTTE is harassed, he said.
Speaking previous at the inaugural ceremony of the display Lord Naseby said he knows in and out of Sri Lanka so well that even some Sri Lankans have not gone to places where he had traveled. He said he first went to the country in 1953.
He said the show opened at Center One Hall on Chadwick Hall depicting the killing of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was "timely" and "moving."
Lord Naseby said in the past there had been some bias regarding verbal communication and economic opportunities in Sri Lanka but now all those wrongs have been put to right and there be no need to fight.
Lord Naseby said in the United Kingdom as well as in extra parts of the earth LTTE is banned. Therefore, he theoretical, there shouldn't be funds calm for them candidly or by underhand methods. No rallies also be theoretical to be held for them as they are next to the law, he added.
He said by healing the Eastern Province where all three communities live in equal ratio and where the ills could have twist out to be very many-sided the Sri Lanka association has devolved power to a provincial group that runs well.
Lord Naseby said when he makes the next trip to Sri Lanka he hoped all could come to normalcy and the same level of development equal to that of the Eastern area would have in progress in the now war ravaged North.
More than 230 photos and video films depicting atrocities accepted out by the LTTE including following killings as well as killing of civilians, injure to properties, suicide attacks, and staffing of child martial were exhibited at the display.
Two more photo exhibitions followed by this are listed in Hague on 27 and 28 October and in Paris on 30 and 31.
London's Sri Lanka's High Commissioner, Nihal Jayasinhe speaking at the rite said, the island nation's growth process has been twisted back by twenty years due to terrorism. When Singapore became self-governing they wanted to emulate Colombo. But today, one should see how far Singapore has gone, he said.

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