Sunday, October 19, 2008

Troops Pierce LTTE's last ditch earth bund in South of Kilinochchi

Army 57 division troops yesterday (Oct 18) pierced LTTE built earth bund in Akkarayankulam, the terrorists' previous major defence in the South of Kilinochchi built up. According to battlefield sources, troops dominated about 3 km make bigger on the earth bund and captured 19 heavily fortified LTTE bunkers during an offensive conducted since last morning.
Troops launched the offensives around 5.45 AM with two main thrusts attacking the west and the east of the Akkarayankulam tank. Army infantryman moving from the west of the tank scored a major success against the terrorists with imprison of 2 km stretch on the earth bund and the 19 terror bunkers.
Meanwhile, troops touching from the east of Akkarayankulam tank had to slowdown their advance at the initial stages as the terrorists launched poisonous gas attacks at them. However, troops withstood the chemical attack and beat off the terrorists, dominating about 1 km stretch on the LTTE earth bund.
According to the available information, several soldiers made their final sacrifice for the nation while many others suffered injuries during this battle. Many of the own casualties were due to booby traps, AP mines and mortar fire. Battlefield sources confirmed that that the terrorists suffered significant abrasion in terms man and material. At present, troops are moving in to the LTTE hiding areas in the north of Akkarayankulam tank, the sources said.
Meanwhile, Task Force 1 troops deployed on the left flank of the 57 division, moved further into the Nachchikudha terror stronghold. Troops had daylong clashes in the Nachchikudha , Vannerikulam and Manniyakkulam areas and claimed heavy damages to the terrorist. According to the sources , LTTE was making a desperate attempt to retain their last main foothold on the northwestern shore of the island that gave the very important life line for the terror group across the Palk Strait.

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