Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sri Lanka Navy initiates Agri-revival in Toppur in Eastern Province

Sri Lanka Navy has in use measures to initiate an agri-revival in Toppur, an area located 40 Kilometers South-east of Trincomalee in the Eastern Province, for the betterment of the planter community in the area.
Under the support of the Sri Lanka Navy, the Toppur villagers have now begun to savour the freedom of peace and harmony which had been denied to them by the ruthless LTTE, whose attendance has now been eliminated from the area by the naval troops deployed for the civilian protection.
The Navy has commenced this act of benevolence with the sole intention of enhancing the wellbeing of the farmers who had been harshly battered by the merciless LTTE. It is expected that there will be a huge revitalization in the agriculture in the area and a great reawaking in the lives of the people when the entire irrigation network, once abandoned due to the LTTE terror, is reconstructed and renovated.
Thousands of acres of paddy fields, which were hitherto left unused and deserted as the irrigation network had been severely injured due to the LTTE activities in the area, will be cultivated under the agri-revival initiated by the Sri Lanka Navy.
Toppur farmers will be benefitted once all paddy fields are cultivated with the better irrigation network. The plentiful harvests, then undoubtedly, usher in an era of prosperity and happiness for all communities living in Toppur.
This agri-revival initiative is another group of people service of the Sri Lanka Navy, which is always concerned about the betterment of innocent people, whose pride and wealth has been destroyed by the LTTE. All naval personnel are committed to work relentlessly for the uplift of all citizens of the place of birth, irrespective of their ethnicity, faith and language.

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