Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Troops dislodge LTTE defences during steady advances in Wanni

Troops of the 57 Division, continuing counter terrorist operations in the eastern Kilinochchi battlefront made stable advances, yesterday (Oct 27) while allegedly dismantling multiple LTTE counter attacks in the areas, according to military sources.
According to military, fighting between troops and LTTE were reported East of Akkarayankulama and Kokavil general areas. Terrorists have suffered serious recompense and lost important ground throughout the clashes, security sources said. In addition, SLA deployed snipers have too long-established acquiring targets effectively in the beleaguered area. Terrorists have put on unbending resistance in general area North of Kokavil, who were later forced to run away as LTTE gun locations were neutralized with the step-up of heavy mortar fire, the sources said.
Meanwhile, 56 Division troops have recovered a decomposed LTT corpse along with few other armed hardware during a search process conducted in general area Kontakkarankulama, Kilinochchi.
List of the items recovered.
Item / Description Amount
T- 56 assault riffles 02
T-56 magazines 02
T-56 ammunition rounds 15
Radio set 01
Cellular phone with SIM card 01
Maps 04
Civilian clothes
Also, troops of the Task Force -2 now in service in general area Maruthamadu, Mullaittivu, have under get into care control over an LTTE bunker multifaceted following an intense argue with LTTE. The bunker multifaceted consisted 10 overhead bunkers counting a command bunker, military said. Few dry ration packets, medical substance, a canvas tent and civilian clothing were too found during following search operations conducted in the area.

At the Mullaittivu battlefront in Welioya, troops confirmed inflicting heavy wounded to LTTE during separate confrontations reported yesterday. The fighting was more often than not reported in general area Andankulama, sources said.
Troops have exposed 130 anti-personnel (AP) mines and defused 4 trapped 81mm mortar bombs throughout payment operations conducted in the same area. According to military, troops have also captured an LTTE bunker in the clouds in universal area Andankulama.

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