Friday, October 17, 2008

Australian LTTE saviours club drags school children for demonstrations

While the Sri Lankan forces are final on the LTTE chief in Vanni, the saviours and financiers of the LTTE in Australia exhorted the followers through their websites in Brisbane and Sydney to link in their demonstrations in Canberra.
Just as much as the Tiger bosses are now living in the defense of human shields of civilians, their child military are building mud walls and facing the firepower of the Army. Borrowing a leaf from Prabahkaranization, the Australian saviours and financiers have openly invited the school children to join the activists and register their complaint in Canberra.. In the expression held on 13th Oct by highly agitated "Tamil organizations " in ACT, the attendance of children should take delivery of the attention of the worried authorities.
LTTE supporters and their fronts happily used children and the young in their protests and demonstrations in Canada, France, the UK and Norway exhibiting their keenness to use feelings of the Westerners. This factor was emphasized by Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister after observing the crowd gathered to complaint when the Minister delivered an eloquent speech at the Press Club.ACT..
Ironically, the anti-Sri Lanka expression of the LTTE fronts required a respectable theme and they chose to protest about the freedom of the journalists. A factor beyond by them was Prabhakaran and his company were the last to be trusted with the word freedom let alone the rights of the journalists. Therefore, from the day one, the campaign of the LTTE fronts' cry freedom was a fake act. It was factually a fig leaf enabling the discriminating Australians to see through their dishonesty.
To add insult to injury, the organizers of demonstration against Sri Lanka requested school children in Australia to join them . In many of the pro-LTTE propaganda campaigns, unfortunately, children of Sri Lankan Tamil origin are used by the activists without any concern for their mental well-being etc. One can also see these children and youth at a variety of LTTE led meetings, seminars expressing anxiety about the "atrocities" committed in Sri Lanka and July 83 stories whereas most of them have never visited Sri Lanka. Following the example of Prabhakaran snatching children from their parents to make them child soldiers in the war front, the Diaspora activists cajole and brain- wash innocent Aussie born children to wage a mental war against Sri Lanka. For the activists, the end product is of no value as they want numbers to help protect the fleeing Tigers by good-looking to the unsuspecting Westerners.
The demonstrations, discussions, seminars in the Western countries increase myths and fabrications justifying the LTTE's terrorism. Use of children to win the understanding with sob stories cannot save the LTTE any longer.
Sri Lankan Tamil activists in the Western countries who are on a last ditch effort to save the LTTE , should at least extra the children natural and living overseas without brainwashing them to support and worship an internationally wanted criminal.

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