Monday, October 27, 2008

Troops continue to dominate north of Akkarayankulam- Kilinochchi

Troops of Army 57 division in service in the western half of the Kilinochchi battle frontage continued their forward domination operations in the lately empty areas in the North of Akkarayankulam tank yesterday (Oct 26).
Infantrymen of 571 brigade attacked and captured a terrorists bunker situated in the West of Akkarayankulam area around 8.30 AM. Terror casualties in this event were not known.
Meanwhile, 572 brigade in service in the east of Akkarayankulam area confronted with a group of terrorists detected in the area around 8.30 AM. Intercepted LTTE transmissions confirmed serious damages to the terrorists. Later , during search operations troops found one deceased body of an LTTE cadre along with a T-56 riffle. Also, snipers deployed in the forward area confirmed acquiring 2 targets in the twilight hours.
Troops of 574 group operating to the eastern flank of Kilinochchi front attacked 2 LTTE bunkers in Kokavil area around 1 PM. Troops confirmed grave damages to the terrorists . Same side troops confronted with a group of terrorists in the Panikkankulam area around 1.40 PM and claimed heavy recompense to the terrorists .
Wanni release operations are being sustained.
The Editorial Board of has decided to provisional hang the reporting of all victim information in family member to the ongoing be in opposition to terrorist process in Wanni. This is in consideration of the ongoing advance of the security forces there and the need for operational security, whereby such reportage may obstruct the successful achievement of the mission.

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