Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Netherlands gets a glimpse of LTTE barbarism

srThe second support of the anti terrorist photographic display meant to display the acts of barbarism devoted by LTTE terrorists to the exterior world began at the Sri Lanka Embassy in the Hague Netherlands on Monday.
The chief guests at the opening ceremony were Bastearn Korner, a former Netherlands Ambassador in Sri Lanka, Prof. Lodewyk Wagenaar, Director, Amstredam Museum, Harry Van Dijk, Head of the Asian Division, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nimal Van Dort, President, Nona bottom and Mrs. Grace Asirwathan Sri Lanka civil servant in the Netherlands.
Sri Lanka Ambassador Grace Asirvathan addressing the meeting hypothetical the time had move toward for LTTE terrorists to lay down weapons and join the trail to calm. The Sri Lanka Administration was responsibility its the size outstanding to give to the wants of the Tamil chatting populace in the condition she said and adding that the global compilation of people should center their become aware of towards the crimes committed by the LTTE terrorists.The exhibition sustained yesterday.
A special meeting held in this link on Monday was attended by a big meeting including several members of the political group in the Hague and the Netherlands Government officials.
The first leg of this display was held in London, England.
Ambassadors and officials of a number of foreign missions based in the Hague visited the Anti Terrorist Photo Exhibition at the Sri Lanka Embassy in the Netherlands.
Among them were Indian, Chinese, Cuban, Bangladeshi, Maltese, Japanese, Korean, Iran and a figure of European and African Ambassadors. What was demanding was the produce of representatives from the United Nations International Criminal court for war crimes, the Chemical Weapons head office and the Police skill personnel.
The opening rite of the display featured the call of former Netherlands Ambassadors of Sri Lanka, Bastern Korner, Amastad Museum Director, Prof. Lodewyk Wagenaar, the Netherlands Foreign Ministry Asian Chief, Harry Van Dijk, Nona Foundation President, Nimal Van Oort.
This is the first time an exhibition of this usual world was held in Europe and the Sri Lanka United anti-terrorist organisation in Europe had comprehensive its fullest co-process to the event.
"That the Europe-based Sri Lankan groups have taken the lead to oppose the LTTE propaganda is an look of the self-assurance reposed in the Sri Lanka Government's movement next to terrorism," Sri Lankan groups domiciled in Europe said.

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