Friday, October 31, 2008

Army responds to distorted 'oxygen report'

Security Forces Headquarters in Wanni on Thursday (30) flatly deprived of made-up reports and allegations on an supposed barrier of the method of oxygen cylinders into hospitals in un-cleared areas by the Army following such life-saving gas stocks reached the Omanthai Entry/Exit point.
Those pro-LTTE mouthpieces as usual have carefully, but shamelessly required to understand one single isolated detection that took place on 23rd October 2008 at Omanthai to their own advantage, blowing it absent of proportions.
As is the practice, a huge batch of medical supplies accordingly accepted by checkup authorities and Commissioner of Essential Services in more than three lorries with an approved quantity of oxygen cylinders reached the Omanthai Entry/Exit point for custom examination procedures, but the troops set up the accepted list of medical items, supplementary the lorries has been tampered and added with 24 more oxygen cylinders, using a pen.
Detection of those additional oxygen cylinders, in adding to what was being taken at that point, aroused suspicion and was afterwards referred to authorities in Vavuniya for necessary documentation and following approval, if this additional amass were to find its entry into un-cleared areas. On the other give, Army investigations have so far-away exposed that sure medical professionals and authorities, intending to serve different interests and agendas, were behind the ineffective oxygen smuggling effort.
Mystery surrounding area as to why those paying become aware of parties, when good channels are open, alternative to such fake practices following the alike authorities have previous in writing intimated that the Kilinochchi hospital has been shifted and all emergency luggage would be sent to Vavuniya in the prospect, as agreed.
Therefore, as explained Security Forces at Omanthai had not at all blocked the way of oxygen into un-cleared areas, but only warped away the excess stock detected until proper power is obtained without resorting to forgery.

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