Friday, October 24, 2008

Wanni liberation in progress; Kilinochchi battlefront remains active

The Kilinochchi battlefront remained energetic during last 24 hours as troops made more headway towards LTTE hiding areas in the south and the south-western areas of the Kilinochchi district.
Battlefield information on yesterday's (Oct 23) incidents indicate continuing oppose terrorist operations by the Army 57 separation and the Task Force 1; the two major operational elements deployed on the Kilinochchi battlefront.
In the universal area Akkarayankulam, troops of 572 brigade approved out incomplete operations in the north of Akkarayankulam tank bund during the day. Troops enthused about 2 km north of the Manniyankulam - Therumurukandai road from the east of Akkaraynkuam tank bund and attacked LTTE terrorist groups beating in the area. Troops claimed heavy damages to the terrorists. During search operations troops found one T-56 rifle. Also, troops moving north from the west of Akkarayankulam tank bund sustained forward power operations.
Meanwhile troops of the Army 573 and 574 brigades, flanking the Kilinochchi front from the east continued their shove towards the Jaffna - Kandy road (A-9) during the day. The soldiers of the 573 group attacked a group of terrorists detected in the area 3 km West of Mankulam town around 6, last morning. Troops claimed serious damages to the terrorist. Also, soldiers of the 574 brigade ambushed an LTTE armour plated tractor touching on the A-9 road in the Pannikkankualm area, around 4.45, in the evening.
Task Force 1 in service in the western half of the Kilinochchi front, continued their march at opposite instructions down the Mannar - Pooneryn (A-32) road during the route of the day.
Troops of 582 brigade, heading northwards from Manniaynkulam, launched a limited offensive last morning to get rid of LTTE hiding places located north of the Manniyankulam - Therumurukandai road. throughout this process troops were able obvious about 4km make bigger towards the west of Manniyankulam junction. Troops claimed heavy damages to the terrorists .
Meanwhile, troops of 583 brigade heading south, towards Nachchikudha continued destroying residual LTTE footholds located east of the A-32 road. Troops attacked an LTTE bunker located 5 km west of the A-32 road in the Pallavarayankaddu area around 6.40 p.m. and claimed heavy compensation to the terrorists. During following search, troops found a body of a slain LTTE cadre. Also in the morning hours, terrorists made an unsuccessful effort to breach the Army forward defence line (FDL) in Pallavarayankaddu. Troops compressed the terrorists' attempt and claimed heavy damages to the terrorists.
The Task Force 1 and 57 Division are continuing their mission.
The Editorial Board of has decided to temporary suspend the reporting of all casualty figures in family member to the ongoing counter terrorist process in Wanni. This is in thought of the continuing advance of the security forces there and the need for operational security, whereby such reportage may obstruct the successful accomplishment of the mission.

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