Saturday, October 18, 2008

Troops encircle Nachchikudha; LTTE on the verge of losing Sea Tiger stronghold

Troops of Task Force 1 this morning (Oct 17) cut-off Mannar- Poonaryn (A-32) road at 8 Km north of Nachchikudha, said the defence sources. Accordingly, troops have surrounded the main Sea Tiger stronghold on the northwestern shore of the Island, and are now engaged in mop up operations towards Nachchikudha build-up, from the south Pallawarayankaddu area, the sources added.
Troops of Task Force 1, launched their offensives to dominate the strategically very important northwestern shore of the Island in September 2007. Opening the Mannar front troops advanced for about 40 Km along the A-32 street, liberating Viddataltivu, Kalliyadi, Iluppaikkadavai, Mundampiddi and Vellankulam towns and entered into the Kilinochchi district.

Following the opening of Kilinochchi front, troops had to clear the terrorist built earth bund that is running 28 km from Nachchikudha to Akkarayankulm. Troops tactically bypassed the Nachchikudha terror stronghold from the west of A-32 road and moved further in to the Vannerikulam and Manniyankulam LTTE hiding areas before they enthused back towards the coast.
Defence observers are in the view that LTTE is on the rim of losing their vital Sea Tiger stronghold in Nachchikudha.

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