Monday, October 27, 2008

Troops stick to the mission; offensive march kept on - Kilinochchi

The Army Task Force 1 , in service on the western half of the Kilinochchi fight frontage sustained their offensive march towards Nachchikuda and to the North of Manniyakulam areas yesterday (Oct 26).
Troops of 581 brigade attacked LTTE bunkers located in the Nachchikuda area about 10.30 AM and claimed serious compensation to the terrorists. Separately, troops attacked terror bunkers in the same area around 6.30 PM with the hold up of artillery fire. LTTE casualties were not known in this event.
In the universal area Kalmadu, troops attacked an LTTE dugout around 6.30 A.M. Damages caused to the terrorists are not known.
Meanwhile , 582 group troops launched an offensive as last morning in the Nochchimoddai area . Troops productively hit off the terrorists in the North of Kunchikkulam by the twilight and claimed heavy damages to the terrorists.
Snipers deployed in the forward area of 583 group claim acquiring two targets in Paninkanmadu in the morning hours.
The mission is reserved on.
The Editorial Board of has decided to temporary suspend the coverage of all victim figures in family member to the continuing counter terrorist process in Wanni. This is in consideration of the continuing advance of the safety forces there and the need for ready security, whereby such reportage may obstruct the successful accomplishment of the mission.

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