Tuesday, October 21, 2008

LTTE sympathisers protest against French police

Laying down an open challenge to the French police, LTTE sympathisers held an illegal expression in the French capital on Sunday October 19th, foreign media sources said.
According to reports, the sole intention of the demonstration held at the Republic Square in the heart of Paris was to support the LTTE, a banned terrorist group in France and many other Western countries, while protesting against the French police for having forbidden their expression.
"These Tamil Tigers are guilty of two criminal acts," a legal source said. "They have defied the banning order and participated in an illegal gathering. Secondly, they have carried the flag of a forbidden terrorist organisation. And that is a punishable criminal act."
It is learned that the French Prefecture (Police) had conventional an application from a Tamil organisation to hold a demonstration in Paris on Sunday. After a review of the application, it was discarded as most of the Tamil organisations involved had either direct or indirect links with the LTTE, which is a forbidden terrorist organisation, media sources said.
After the French police barred the demonstration, Tamil Oli, a radio service linked to the LTTE, called on the Tamil people in France "to come in thousands to show solidarity with the Tamils in Kilinochchi, in spite of the ban compulsory by the French police."
The few hundred LTTE cadres, group and sympathisers who gathered at the venue first tried to hoodwink the French police by stating that they had come to contribute in a labour demonstration to be held in the Republic Square. Later they outspread their LTTE flags and other banners and held a demonstration, while the handful of French police looked on helplessly.
It is learned that the French government is angry over the way Tamil Tigers and their Tamil Oli radio defied the ban and held a demonstration transport the flags of a banned terrorist organisation.
An analyst said that the real meaning of the demonstration was to support the LTTE and not to state concerns over any humanitarian issue. "This was revealed by the way the Tamil Tigers defied the ban and carried the LTTE flags," he said. "Furthermore, the expression was an open confront to the police in Paris".

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