Thursday, October 23, 2008

Twin blows to LTTE: Attempts to hoodwink IC boomerang [Updated]

LTTE suicide craft towed ashore
LTTE met with another defeat, to be humiliated again in the Northern waters, in its failed suicide boat attack this morning (Oct 22), targeting two merchant vessels with essential food supplies to the Jaffna peninsula. This is not an isolated attack but part of the clear strategy of the LTTE to bounce back from the inevitable defeat in the theatres of battle.
What lies beneath in this is: 1. An LTTE's strategy to starve the civilian community in Jaffna, giving rise to agitation among the populace. 2. To inflame the pro-LTTE sentiments in TN at the cost of Tamil civilians, expecting a lifeline from TN extremists before the fall of Wanni. 3. If the attack had being successful, to gain a moral boost followed by a skeleton ceasefire demanding a de facto recognition as negotiators for the Tamils 4. To force the government to open the A-9 main road, a main source of funding and supply for the outfit and land access to the peninsula.
Destruction of essential food supplies.

The latest LTTE suicide boat attack targeting two merchant vessels with necessary cargo to Jaffna civilians comes within a week after LTTE shelled a UN food group to the Internally Displaced in Mullaittivu and Kilinochchi.
The LTTE's effort to ram the merchant vessels ended with chaos, as the terrorists lost 2 suicide craft, while another was seized by the naval FACs. According to defence observers, LTTE has made understandable its intentions to cause a civilian disaster in the eve of its predictable beat at Wanni, in the hope of deceptive the global group of people. The outfit career itself the saviours of the Tamil people has unmasked itself, only to cause death, destruction and misery to thousands of Tamils in the three-decade long conflict, defence observers state.
Another issue that raised interests at defence desks is that the breakdown of the sea tigers to pierce from side to side the naval line of control time after time, bringing due credit for the SLN for its ad hoc strategies and steady alertness. Earlier, on 18th September, LTTE sea units suffered a heavy blow when Navy unleashed its new battle separation boats: RABS, destroying 10 LTTE craft and kill over 25 terrorists in a sea fight, off Nachchikuda at Valaipadu.
LTTE claims "sinking" the MVs:
"Two big explosions were heard in the seas off Kaankeasanthu'rai Harbour in Jaffna approximately 4:00 a.m. Wednesday. Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers fired rockets from their coastal positions in Vadamaraadchi North...," reported pro-LTTE news sources, who in their second leads followed the news with the destruction of a MV in the suicide attack.
"The supply ship was ruined and another boat, MV Ruhunuwa, continued heavy damages," the sources reported. Some foreign media elements also clutched on to the LTTE misinformation version coverage same, only later to realise being hoodwinked.
The LTTE's attempt at spin on the state of affairs boomeranged as images from the confrontation site were posted within hours of the incident. Despite its collection of labors to loss the LTTE, following the failed assault on the two MV with essential cargo, pro-LTTE media affirmed the bereavement of two suicide terrorists counting a senior female cadre (Ilakkiyaa).

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