Monday, October 27, 2008

Troops dislodge more terror bunkers in continued counter terror offensives - Mullaittiuvu

Army 59 division troops in service in the Mullaittiuvu battlefront, attacked 5 LTTE bunkers in daylong oppose terrorists offensives approved out yesterday (Oct 26). In one of the incidents occurred around 3 PM troops captured one LTTE dugout and 3 military trenches located in the Andankulam area. Troops confirmed heavy recompense to the terrorists in all the incidents.
In a separate incident, troops confronted with a group of terrorists in the Andankulam around 9.20 AM. Intercepted LTTE transmissions confirmed wounded to the terrorists.
Meanwhile, troops engaged in mine sweeping operations in the area separate 30 AP mines and disposed 4 IEDs .
Counter operation are being continued.
The Editorial Board of has decided to temporary hang the reporting of all victim information in family member to the ongoing counter terrorist operation in Wanni. This is in thought of the continuing go forward of the security forces there and the need for operational security, whereby such reportage may obstruct the successful accomplishment of the mission.

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