Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fighting continues as troops make more inroads in Wanni

Task Force -1, troops marching North of Vannerikkulama built-up in Kilinochchi, have detained control of the Anavellutan village following heavy fighting with the remaining LTTE resistance rudiments, Wanni military sources said. Troops entered the village yesterday (Oct 21) noon, as military said that terrorists have overcooked down and dislodged the remaining constructions, send-off the rural community in rubbles. Even the small medical middle was not spared as terrorists have caused damages to its gear, while military also long-established recovering damaged wheel chairs from the perimeters of the site. Troops also came cross a mini-cinema hall, security sources said.
According to military, troops are now consolidating positions at Nochchimoddai, Vannaerikkulama and Pallavarayankaddu universal areas. Meanwhile, troops have supposedly sprung an waylay at an LTTE cab convey terrorists in Northwest of Jeyapuram, on Tuesday.
Meanwhile, troops of the 57 Division consolidating positions in front of Akkarayankulam in the western Kilinochchi front, met with irregular LTTE resistance yesterday. Troops long-recognized destroying two LTTE bunker defences in general area Akkarayankulama at around 5p.m., while two T-56 physical attack riffles were also healthier in the same area during a divide search operation conducted.
Fighting erupts at Gajabapura:
Troops of the 59 Division in service in the Mullaittivu battlefront pressed further into LTTE lines of defences located in general area Gajabapura, as pitched fighting was reported with LTTE yesterday(Oct 21).
Similarly, clashes were reported in general area Andankulama as troops mounted heavy weaponry and mortar after detecting an LTTE movement in the area, around 10a.m.
134 anti-workers (AP) mines and 9 IEDs were better by troops, during next search operation conducted in the area, military sources said.
Troops also claimed destroying an LTTE bunker in the clouds and causing damages to LTTE in a separate argument at Andankulama. Meanwhile, safety forces have busy heavy artillery at identified LTTE strongpoint located in Nayaru and Alampil, following early discovery of terrorists in the area.
The Editorial Board of has decided to temporary suspend the coverage of all victim figures in relation to the ongoing oppose terrorist operation in Wanni. This is in thought of the ongoing advance of the security forces there and the need for operational security, whereby such reportage may obstruct the successful accomplishment of the mission.

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