Saturday, October 18, 2008

Heavy Clashes in Kilinochchi front; troops break LTTE defences - Akkrayankulam

The Kilinochchi battlefront has been intensely lively since this morning (Oct 18) as troops of 57 Division have cleared the LTTE built earth bund from both east and the west of Akkarayankulam tank, battlefield sources said.
According to the sources, troops have run at the LTTE defence kept along the earth bund and entered into the remaining LTTE hiding areas in the area north of Akkarayankualm tank. Pitched battles are going on in the area, at present, the sources added.
Meanwhile, troops of Task Force 1 operating in the South of Nachchikudha have commenced their offensive march towards north early this morning. at the same time, their fellow troops are ongoing to maintain the southward thrust from Pallawarayankaddu south. At present, Task Force 1 soldiers have cut off all land access routes available for the terrorists attentive in the Nachchikudha terror stronghold.
The sources said, troops manning the blockades in Nachhcikudaha have let down two LTTE reinforcement attempts this morning. At one incident, troops have attacked a group consisting about 25 LTTE cadres in the north of Pallawarayankaddu area and claimed heavy damages to the terrorists. In the other event, troops attacked a group of terrorist travelling on a canter vehicle in the Madam area.
Meanwhile, intercepted radio transmissions exposed that terrorist leader Bhanu has abandoned his place on the western half of the Kilinochchi front. According to the sources Bhanu was in charge of the LTTE defence against the Task Force 1. The terrorist leader has absent loosing battlefront and repositioned himself in LTTE hiding areas, South of Kilinochchi, the sources further revealed.

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