Friday, October 31, 2008

LTTE call for 'stand-still' in Vavuniya fails

A 'hartal' called by the LTTE and its pro-LTTE rudiments to disturb normalcy in the Vavuniya town today (Oct 30) proved fail since shops, banks, schools and public transportation remained performance smoothly, reported our Vavuniya particular reporter.
Alleged operatives of a pro-LTTE following front had distributed flyers influence Tamil traders to cease business functions while many others were said, notified discreetly to stay away from daily performance to reason a stand still in Vavuniya. The 'hartal' resulted in an complete failure as many sections discarded the pro-LTTE attempt ongoing their day-to-day activities as usual.
"We have enough food stocks and still we witness tons of food and necessary substance sent to the overstated in the non-liberated area. I don't think a real reason for a 'hartal' apart from a gimmick by the pro-LTTE politicos", a trader was quoted as saying with our correspondent.
"A hartal for the let go of the thousands trapped by LTTE would be more realistic", he was additional cited saying.

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