Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Civilians our main concern - President

The battle next to terrorism which we could persuasively win within a few days, is nevertheless long-drawn-out owing to the serious concern and the best care exercised by the highly limited Armed Forces who are hostility under severe constraints, to cause no harm or loss to innocent, civilian human life, observed President Mahinda Rajapaksa.
President Rajapaksa made this surveillance when he addressed a ceremony organised by the National Research Council, at the Presidential Secretariat, to felicitate and award 'Presidential Awards for Research' to native Scientists who have been of yeoman mend for the Nation's financial wellbeing. "We have heading for the Armed armed forces to desist from inflicting any harm, even a scratch, to the blameless civilians who are being utilised as human shields by the terrorists in the Wanni. We are arrogant to have an Army which is complying and transport out their humanitarian operations accordingly," he said.
He pointed out that the liberation of the East and the Madhu shrine was carried out without causing any harm to civilians. "Not a single bullet was fired, in those operations, as we had a responsibility and blame to preserve and protect human life and maintain the church's religious and religious meaning and dignity," he added.
The President was of the view that Sri Lanka was the first country ever, based on humanitarian reasons, dispatching and providing foodstuff and other basics to a ruthless terrorist outfit, while at the same time fighting them.
He said that as clearly indicated by some serious personal sentiments of nostalgic and sentimental worth, in the personal letters which have been set up in the abandoned LTTE bunkers recently,
The LTTE cadres have not connected Prabhakaran spontaneously. They have joined due to an array of personal issues and are consistently striving to flee from the clutches of the LTTE. Nonetheless, the LTTE is fervently depriving them of their liberty of choice and retaining them as a 'human shield' to achieve their fascist objectives.
"The masses of this country chosen me as their President, with the objectives of defensive the territorial honesty and sovereignty of their motherland and end its needless fragmentation. We are not in any way fighting next to the Tamil polity of this land. We are relentlessly busy in therapeutic the innocent Tamil diaspora from the unkind grip of terrorism under Prabhakaran," the President categorically stated.
President Rajapaksa opined that Scientific investigate was crucial in the multi-faceted development of any country, including Sri Lanka which different in the past, rely highly on such know-how. Scientific investigate and knowledge has been used in all spheres of development, counting the agro sector. The budget share for 'Scientific Research' would be enhanced soon. 'Scientific Research' could alleviate scarcity and help us in achieving economic development, President Rajapaksa added.

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