Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Air Force Commander of the Air Force pays tribute to parents of Officers and Airmen

The whole Nation should pay compliment to parents who send their children to the battlefield to fight brutal terrorism at this critical juncture, said Air Marshal Roshan Gunathilaka the Commander of the Air Force.
The Commander of the Air Force Air Marshal Roshan Gunathilaka further reiterated that the Sri Lanka Air Force conveys highest appreciation and gratitude to the parents for their bold choice, addressing the passing out parade of Air Force Officers and men held at China bay, Trincomalee yesterday (19).
This is an occasion for him to be arrogant since this is an opportunity to address 19 Commissioned Officers and 311 Airmen, it is significant that 08 of them are aviators.
Today is a memorable day in you as life you have conventional sound training which I consider has moulded your character with a sound sense of discipline and efficiency. You have gained will help you to put candid effort to determine and dedicate you treasury to serve the Nation particularly in an hour of need.
At this juncture, we are engaged in the last stage of the humanitarian mission to which Air Force is making enormous payment. In this context, Sri Lanka Air Force have to face a new challenge, after successfully accomplishing the mission, you will have to add to the Development of the Country as it will be a prominent emergent condition in the region.
Finally, I take pride in wishing the best of luck you to have the ability to be the leaders of the Endeavour to have an effect on a better tomorrow for our motherland'' to said the Commander of the Air Force concluding his address.
The cynosure of all eyes in the grand finale was the show of Air Force parachute men who jumped from an height 3500 feet in air.

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