Friday, October 31, 2008

Troops advance towards the Kilinochchi built-up; Twin blows paralyzes LTTE resistance

Counter terrorist operations west of the A-9 have reached a important stage as troops now have situated themselves at ahead the vital western coastal line along the A-32 Mannar -Pooneryn main road, with the fall of LTTE's main confrontation positions in the area: Nachchikuda and Jayapuram on Wednesday. Sporadic antagonism was reported in the area after pockets of LTTE confrontation were flushed-off from the area, military sources said.
According to military, terrorists are emotion more towards Valaipadu and Pooneryn giving fewer confrontation, which left scores of terrorists killed and as many upset in the months long Nachchikuda fighting. Troops are now consolidating defences from the newly gained territory, after inflicting double blows at LTTE, east and west of the Kilinochchi battlefront, which comes days after terror Chief Prabakaran was quoted by a South Indian every day, as saying "The military advances at Kilinochchi will be stuck up at any cost".
Meanwhile, troops of the 57 Division have greater than before the push Northward of the Akkarayankulama Tank bund area, and moving towards the Kilinochchi LTTE built-up, Wanni military sources said on Thursday (30). Heavy hostility is unsurprising as troops close-in on the LTTE decision-making heartland. According to area military sources, troops have healthier a slain LTTE body and few other military hardware while consolidating defences in the Akkarayankulama area.
Meanwhile, battleground intelligence information indicate an add to of deserters in the terrorist place as many LTTE forcibly recruited have fled from the forward bunker defences at the Kilinochchi battlefront. 13 terrorists have fled the association yesterday (30), alone; sources said citing intercepted LTTE communication. Earlier, 33 others have also made similar throughout the past week, while deployed to defend the LTTE FDLs stretching from Nachchikuda towards Akkarayankulama in Kilinochchi. Also, Tamil Nadu news sources reported arresting 5 Tamil youth while attempting to arrive at the Indian mainland previous this week, probably renegades of the terrorist outfit, who have fled due to the strong beating conventional by the military at the Wanni battlefronts.
At the Mullaittivu battlefront, troops of the 59 Division have also busy with LTTE in divide locations North of Andankulama general area, inflicting serious compensation to LTTE sources said.

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