Monday, October 13, 2008

Navy rescues family fleeing uncleared areas

Sri Lanka Navy has rescued a Tamil relations of six who were fleeing from the barbarous control of LTTE close to Veththelekerni on Saturday evening, 11th of October.
Sri Lanka Navy Patrol Craft on steady surveillance in the seas off Vettilikerni spotted an unidentified ship send-off the shores of Vettilikerni and intercepted it. SLN has rescued the persons on board after confirming that the boat was carrying innocent Tamil people fleeing from LTTE clutches.
The family consisted of six, father (44) and mother(42), two sons aged 22 and 14 years and two daughters aged 19 and 17 years had fled Thallaidy to reach the liberated region on a Fiber Glass Dinghy (FGD) built-in with an out-board mortar(OBM).
The father among the escapees has disclosed that the LTTE group had tried several times to vehemently conscript his young son, a youth who has been selected to the university, and his daughters of whom one has just finished her A/L and the other who is studying for her A/L . However, he has saved his beloved children from being captured by the brutal LTTE terrorists for long time. Further, he exposed that they had fled the area as they could no longer bear up the unkind torture, hardships and pain inflicted on them by the LTTE terrorists.
A large number of innocent people irrespective of their ages, have been forcefully sent to the face line for dugout duties, digging long stretched ditches, constructing bunkers and multitude of other severe hard works persistently, he said.

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