Friday, October 31, 2008

President calls for local military research

President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday urged those busy in technical research to center their notice on military research.
President Rajapaksa made this statement when he addressed the General Convocation 2008, to award Masters and Bachelors Degrees to the Graduands of the General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, at the BMICH.
The President said there is a lack of research in the spheres of military and protection strategies by local science researchers.
The President was of the sight that new policies should be formulated to house military investigate in the school curricula as well, so that examine could be take onn on our own home-grown remedies.
Referring to the vital issue of combating terrorism and countrywide security, he pointed out the worth of a quality training to the Armed Forces of the land, even at a formidable spending, particularly when battling the world's most unkind and higher terrorist outfit, the LTTE.
Though some critics argue it is a waste of resources, the President supposed it is not so, as sufficiently illustrated by the invaluable service rendered by the Armed Forces who have emerged victorious in a binge of humanitarian operations. "National safety has been our foremost main concern, as it is intimately connected and entangled with honourable peace, a pre-requsite for national development and wealth of a nation. Having learned from the past and realised the possible and the dependence on strong 'Armed Forces', we have established this military organization and upgraded it to a university beneath the prevailing free education mechanism," President Rajapaksa said.
The President said as obviously illustrated in the East, no Armed Force could be continued sans the support, co-operation and the blessings of the civilian polity. That is the cause why the Government is at the same time rising the East, with the binge of victories achieved there by the carrying weapons forces.
"It is only when fight meadow victories are followed by civilian strengthen and development, that the brave soldier could feel the best value of their supreme sacrifice," President Rajapaksa added.

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