Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pro-LTTE elements in india are charged of starting separatist activities against India

New Delhi's ruling Congress party's legislature head D.Sudarsanam said after an emergency gathering of the ruling social gathering law makers that some pro-Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rudiments in India have started separatist work against India.
He said, "The assembly calls for stern action against pro-LTTE rudiments - regardless of their being politicians or media personalities as they have frankly begun secessionist moves,"
It is believed most of the anti-Indian sentiments have been espoused by sure pro-LTTE and DMK film directors who delivered provocative speeches , October 19, at a film industry rally, which some movie actors and actresses boycotted at Rameshwaram.
"The National Security Act be hypothetical to be invoked against movie directors Seeman and Ameer for canvassing support for terrorists, espousing separatist causes in India and threatening to start an armed revolt from a public platform in Rameshwaram Oct 19.
"Failure to do so will consequence in agitations to put on trial persons like Seeman and Ameer who deliberately affronted Congress martyrs (late prime ministers) Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi," Sudarsanam added.
Meanwhile India's Tamil Nadu Opposition and AIADMK leader Jayalalitha Jayaram said, "The LTTE is a terrorist organisation linked to several fissiparous clothes in India and abroad. While limited outfits like the banned People's War Group, United release Front of Assam and at least three terrorist actions in Tamil Nadu are known to be open collaborators with the Tigers."
Jayalalitha further said, "While during Karunanidhi's rule, such actions always manage to take roots, it is surprising that former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi's widow Sonia Gandhi has tacitly allowed the LTTE to operate freely in India. Rajiv Gandhi's killers like Nalini (Murugan) have adopt holier-than-thou attitudes and claim to be hostility for their birthright of freedom after assassinating the former prime cleric in cold blood,"
But Karunanidhi's declaration remained very pro-LTTE. Writing in the party journal Murasoli he said: Only those with sedition next to the Tamil people in their minds are conflicting the forceful defence of the Tamil race's origin evenhanded homeland - Eelam."
The anti Indian elements want to divide Tamil Nadu from rest of India, it is supposed.

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