Wednesday, October 22, 2008

LTTE attack merchant ships carrying essential supplies to civilians; Navy captures suicide boat

The captured LTTE suicide boat seen floating in the Northern seas. (22nd Oct 2008)
LTTE terrorists have approved out a suicide attack targeting Merchant Ship Ruhuna and Nimalawa, in the north sea of Sri Lanka at 5.10, this morning (Oct 22), defence sources said. The attack is viewed as another gutless effort by the terrorists to deny essential provisions to the civilians livelihood in war overstated areas, the sources added.
Meanwhile, Navy spokesperson, Commander DKP Dassanayake told that 3 LTTE suicide vessels have come for the attack.
Navy sailors as long as security aboard the targeted vessels have busy device gun fire at the future suicide boats efficiently, and devastated two of them before ramming on the ships, he said. However, he additional that one of the suicide boats have exploded in close proximity to mercantile Ship Nimalawa causing slight reward to the ship's hull .
He additional said that the third suicide skill has been captured by navy boats. The LTTE suicide cadre who was in repair the boat theoretical to be killed in the Navy reprisal, he added.

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