Friday, October 31, 2008

Pro-LTTE demo flops at The Hague

A expression organized by a pro-LTTE front Organization at The Hague, Netherlands yesterday (29) failed owing to slight participation.
The demonstration was prearranged by an association described as the International Committee Against Disappearance, in its go forward advertising said there will be a big sum at the complaint, which was to agree with the demonstrate of LTTE terrorist brutalities and anti-democratic performance being held the similar day at the Sri Lanka Embassy at The Hague.
When the display opened with large photographs showing LTTE carnage next to Tamil and other self-governing politicians, and the brutalities carried out next to civilians, displayed outside the Sri Lanka Embassy, the grievance demonstrators who numbered less than ten discrete, within minutes.
The anti-LTTE activities of Sri Lankan organizations in European countries are now opposite up to the confront of the massive pro-LTTE misinformation being carried out throughout Europe, by sections of the Tamil Diaspora and pro-LTTE NGOs based in Europe. The show that focuses on terrorism and brutalities of the LTTE from surface to side the past 30 years has drawn large audiences in both London UK and The Hague in the Netherlands.
The display will be detained next week in Paris, France. It is prearranged by the Photography Unit of the Media Division, Presidential Secretariat; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka, and the Sri Lanka political missions in the own venues.

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