Friday, October 3, 2008

Kilinochchi march continue; 4 LTTE bodies found

Troops of Army 57 division, marching towards Kilinochchi - LTTE heartland have moved further northwards across east of Akkarayankulam area during yesterday's (Oct 2) operations.

According to the battlefield reports received so far, troops have been able to adjust their forward base line in the east of Akkarayankulam area by pushing it northward for about 1km distance. Due to the clashes prevailed during daytime, 2 soldiers have been killed and 7 others suffered injuries. Troops during search operations conducted in the evening hours have found four bodies of LTTE cadres, two T-56 riffles, one Multi Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG), and one radio communication set.

Meanwhile, troops of same 57 division operating in the Pannikankulam area, northwest of Mankulam have confronted the terrorists at several location during morning hours. Troops claimed at least 8 terrorists have been killed in these incidents.

On the western half of the Kilinochchi battlefront, Army Task Force 1 troops have confronted the terrorists around 1.30 PM in the East of Vannerikulam area. Intercepted LTTE communication has revealed that 6 terrorists were killed and 6 others were injured in the incident. Also, 4 soldiers have suffered injuries.

Separately, snipers deployed in the Vannerikulam forward area have claimed shooting down of two LTTE cadres during evening hours.

A detailed report on battlefield incidents will follow.

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