Saturday, December 6, 2008

Troops confront LTTE in Jaffna

Troops deployed in the Kilaly region, in Jaffna theatre confronted with LTTE cadres at three occasions yesterday (Dec 5), defence sources said.
According to the sources, the primary argument occurred approximately 9.50 AM when troops attacked a group of LTTE cadres detected in the onward areas. In a similar incident occurred around 1.25 PM, troops intercepted a terrorist group. Troops confirmed serious wounded to the terrorists in both incidents, the sources added.
Meanwhile, snipers deployed in the Muhamalai area confirmed having shooting down of one LTTE cadre approximately 6 PM.
Troops in the Jaffna theatre are slowly increasing their power over the open territory that dishonesty in front of them. Sri Lanka Army has deployed 3 divisions on three frontiers; Nagarkovil, Muhamalai and Kilaly. Troops in mid November shifted their mode of operations from lively defence to unpleasant and captured the primary line of defence of the LTTE cadres.

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