Friday, December 26, 2008

Mulliyawalai LTTE terror bastion under-siege: terrorists sustain heavy damages- Mullaittivu
59 Division troops have entered the Mulliawalai rural community along the A-34 Oddusudan- Mullaittivu main road claiming soaring LTTE casualties after hours of heavy fighting that bankrupt-out between troops and LTTE in the deliberately significant battle land since previous evening (Dec 25).
According to newest reports conventional from the battlefield, 16 Sri Lanka glow Infantry (16SLLI) division troops are now full of activity in a fierce gun battle with LTTE in the area, today(Dec 26). Troops had to come across hard ground where mobility was gravely limited, area military sources said. Terrorists have constructed long stretches of earth bunds, which were effectively negotiated by the advancing infantry battalions, the sources added.
Earlier, on Thursday (25) soldiers captured an LTTE message tower located North of Mulliyawali. According to Army media sources, "3 fortified in the clouds bunkers constructed in defence of the tower with a height of about 40 ft showed its sense to the LTTE in maintaining message between their bases".
An LTTE terrorist body and a message set were also better by the troops from the same area throughout clearing operations conducted following to the confrontations, yesterday.
Terrorist resistances in Mullaittivu are disintegrating with the intense military amour, artillery and infantry assaults, Wanni defences sources said adding that the 7GW troops have also closed-in on Tanniyuttu, an LTTE stranglehold situated 3.5km further Northeast along the A-34 main road. The advancing troops were also assisted with close-combat air hold up provided by the SLAF jets and MI-24 helicopter gunships, military sources said.
Terrorists being stop of both reinforcements and logistic supplies are in receipt of serious beating from the advancing military flanks also side of the Eastern Mullaittivu battlefront. The imprison of Mulliyawalai is predictable to make active the fall of Tanniyuttu, defence observes stated. The fall of Tanniyuttu is inevitable and this marks history with an unsurprising double blow to LTTE in the 'boxing-day', and the fourth year memorial of the 2004 Tsunami.
Meanwhile, security forces have now gained control over a 9km stretch of the A-34 major road, along the Oddusudan- Mullaittivu main road. This is the first time ever that security forces have entered into the external rim of Mulliyawali and its outer edge, defence observers avowed.

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