Saturday, December 6, 2008

LTTE receives heavy beating in Army offensive: troops recover 11 bodies - Olumadu [Updated]

Over a dozen terrorists were reported killed and similar numbers upset following an Army physical attack at an LTTE physically powerful point located Northeast of Olumadu universal area in Mullaittivu district, yesterday (Dec 5).
Heavy hostility ensued between Task Force 3 troops and LTTE in the area, as the morning hours and lasted till 5.15 p.m., military sources said. According to Wanni armed sources, troops have bare 11 slain LTTE bodies, 2 in harshly injured state along with 5 T-56 assault riffles and 50 anti-personnel (AP) mines all through following look for operations conducted, today (Dec 6).
Meanwhile, Army onward domination rudiments have long-established observing 5 more LTTE bodies dotted in the area. These bodies are yet to be healthier, as troops are stationary consolidating defences in the area, the sources further said.
Terrorists have dashed into the wide jungles send-off the dead at the rear following that the multi-pronged military physical attack launched by the TF 3 combined infantry and protective cover battalions. Intercepted LTTE message has exposed that many other terrorists were also left scattered with the Army disagreeable, as LTTE broadcast additional long-established tall injured in adding to the dead.
Urgent profits of communication letters were made to go away hospitals and dispensaries in Mullaittivu, by a older LTTE terrorist in repair in general area Mullaittivu south, carrying weapons sources ok sirextra said.

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