Monday, December 22, 2008

Wanni exodus continue, 60 civilians seek protection with security forces- Mullaittivu

60 more civilians counting 24 males and 36 females from the non-liberated areas of Mullaittivu District have at home at Tanduwan general region, 4km Northwest of Nedunkerni today (Dec 22) morning.
These civilians all locals in Mullaittivu district have required defense with security armed forces following a frantic flee made from the LTTE Wanni blaze. Thousands are reported cut off with LTTE as defence observers think the actual information to be additional than the elaborated statistics lately.
Apart from carrying out genocidal attacks targeting both the Muslim and Sinhalese communities in the south, LTTE terrorists are also decrease the Tamil public in Wanni, luring both young and old to its insane nationalist reason from side to side intimidations and atrocious methods, the sources asserted.
Nedunkerni was unconventional by the Task Force -4 troops on Sunday (Dec 21), after hours of fierce hostility with LTTE.

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