Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Civilian shot dead week after massive public demo against LTTE- Jaffna

Supposed LTTE gunmen had assassinated a inhabitant at Nallur last morning (Dec 23), defence sources in Jaffna said. According to the sources, Shivasundaralingam Gangadaran, aged 45 years, had been bang dead by the theoretical members of LTTE gun group of criminals about 7.15 AM.
The suffering social meeting was a occupant of Karaveddi and a father of two. Also, he was ready as a driver at the ICRC office, Jaffna. Sources hypothetical that the victim had been explosion at the alike time as leaving for his work.
A week before, civilians in Jaffna had set a enormous community complaint after that to LTTE terrorists. Over 16000 people paraded on the streets hard the LTTE to give up terrorism and to let them exist in peace. Further, well-informed sources say that the LTTE association was angry with this open public complaint after that to him and to move toward to hit back those who had in use part in the complaint.

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